Decoration & handling technologies for all packaging glass

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Decoration & handling technologies for all packaging glass

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Decoration & handling technologies for all packaging glass

Eco Packaging Machines

The ROSARIO C2C ECO packaging line is robust, easy to install and operate, and stable in stacking and packing quality. 
The Ecopacker will stack standardised 1000 x 1200 mm pallets as well as custom made sizes, up to 2400 mm height, at 1.5 layers per minute.

Upgrade your production line, with minimal investment

This is how we help you to reduce costs and deliver top quality:

Free Installation Advice. Be sure of the right lay-out in your production line and flawless installation planning. Our engineering department is ready to help you make the best choices and decisions. Free of charge.

Place - Plug – Produce. The ROSARIO C2C Eco Packer comes completely assembled and tested. Just install it, connect power supply and you can start palletizing.

Easy Operation. Operating ROSARIO C2C’s Eco Packer does not require intensive training. We supply a user friendly set of instructions.

Minimal Maintenance. The ROSARIO C2C Eco Packer is built to work and last. It requires little maintenance. But when it does, your own operators can find their way easily. With parts directly available from the spare set we supply with each machine, downtime is minimal.

Direct Technical Support. Once the ROSARIO C2C Eco Packer is in production, the integrated modem enables direct online access to our engineering department, to answer any questions, guide your operators through technical service routines and help you to ensure smooth production.

Smooth feeding for your decoration line

Install our ROSARIO PA60 at the front and/or back end of your decoration line:

- as the reliable de-palletizer that automatically feeds new bottles from pallet to conveyor belt;
- as the sensitive palletizer that collects bottles after leaving your decoration line and delivers them safely onto pallets for delivery.

The Rosario PA60 palletizer is based on the Eco Packer with the possibility to automate palletizing by adding a:

Lane divider


2-Row stacker


Layer divider


Pallet Conveying Systems


Carton feeder

• Pallet dispenser
• and other optional equipment

In bottle printing

The latest technology for high speed decoration is inkjet direct-on-glass printing.

Special Offers

Some clients trade in machines for new.
We refurbish them for resale in special deals.
Under full warranty.


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