Decoration & handling technologies for all packaging glass

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Decoration & handling technologies for all packaging glass

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Decoration & handling technologies for all packaging glass

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Bottle registration


To ensure exact positioning of every print between the bottle seams or precisely under an embossing, all ROSARIO C2C printing machines are equipped with a mechanical  positioning system. A hardened steel pin finds and holds the moulded lug on the side wall or in the bottom of bottles as they rotate during print cycles.


As an option we can install the latest contactless optical seam registration system instead. A precision camera of photo cell detects a lug or small dot on the side wall of each bottle, as a reference for exact print positioning.

What is the difference?

Both systems are highly reliable and effective, but ‘contactless optical registration’ offers some interesting advantages:

  1. Increased production speed

  2. Enabling lighter bottles, as the registration lug is no longer needed.

  3. More even decoration surface and less distraction on the bottle, as the dot takes far less space than the traditional lug.

  4. The bottle becomes a more beautiful marketing tool.

Print Quality inspection

In any bottle decoration process things may occasionally go wrong: insufficient paint supply, damaged artwork on the screens, worn-out mesh, slipping or tilted bottles, etc.. We make sure the chances of such events are minimal. This is how:

Minimize loss

ROSARIO C2C machines enable you to detect any misprint immediately and minimize production loss.

Right behind the final printing station we mount a precision camera system that detects and signals for automatic rejection of any misprinted bottle.

Management insight

All data, including photo images of misprints, are saved digitally for later analysis and statistics. This enables you to keep working on improving production efficiency and quality.

In bottle printing

The latest technology for high speed decoration is inkjet direct-on-glass printing.

Special Offers

Some clients trade in machines for new.
We refurbish them for resale in special deals.
Under full warranty.


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